Posted: September 30, 2010 in Features
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Growing up in the streets of Soweto is the best thing that ever happened to me. I believe my township has a lot of opportunities for anyone who wants to make something of their life. As a well-known and trendsetting township almost every trend starts here. When Soweto sneezes the whole of South Africa catches the bug and it spreads like swine flu in China.

One infectious bug that got me was the DJing bug. On special Saturdays around 18:00 in the afternoon I’ll hear loud house music pumping from a house in the next street. I was very curious about the music; I’ll sit at the gate and watch some of my older friends preparing themselves to go to that house. I remember trying to fall asleep in my bedroom and all I could hear was girls screaming, guys whistling and the music becoming louder and louder as the night went. I thought to myself, “What the hell is going on with these people, are they crazy”.

Until my time came, one day the curiosity got the better of me and I decided to sneak out the house and join whatever was going on out there. All I saw was people dancing like they were possessed and one guy was in control and that guy was The Dj. He was the focal point of the party, surrounded by large speakers and one girl on each side. All he did was skilfully mix the vinyls, play with the levels of the volume and throw his hands in the air. The guys envied him, the girls wanted a piece of him and I wanted to be him. The likes of Dj Claude, Dj Smash, Dj Mbuso and The BFR crew were in charge of this madness and making each one of us lose our minds. The Dj’s were taking over our weekends. It was no longer about Saturday night movies it was now about “where is Dj so and so playing tonight?” They were ruling street bashes, 21st birthday parties, weddings, skokvels and the club scene – but I was too young to go to a club then.

In Orlando West & Dube the “Djing bug” was infecting a lot of people, fast. Djs and Dj crews were popping everywhere like mushrooms. Dj Smooth, Dj Rhino, Dj Nyt, Dj Sjava, Dj Axe and Dj crews like Afromassive, Ward 11 were making their mark and this is just to name a few.

Finally, in 2007 our Dj crew was born: Real Elements Entertainment and we had our stint of “fame”. The gigs were coming, sleepless nights were hectic, fly by night club owners wanted us, the money wasn’t coming in, we got raped, egos grew, friendships broke and that was the fall of Real Elements Entertainment. But I cherish every tear and smile we had and I’m proud to say some of the crew members are still flying the flag high. Big ups! Dj Sfiso and Dj Summerdays I’m behind you boys, besides our differences.

I’ve accepted that only a select few can become Djs, I still have the Djing bug in my DNA but am not a dj.


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