Dj Kent – I can’t survive – released 5 Jul, 2010

Posted: September 30, 2010 in CD reviews
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I had a tough time deciding which CD compilation to review first, for the blog. There’s been a lot of great releases this year and there are more coming your way, from newbie Djs to Dj’s who’ve been at it since forever. Nevertheless, I decided to go with Dj Kent “the epitome of cool, come and collected”.

A SAMA (South African Music Awards) winner & hit-making producer of note, DJ Kent’s new offering titled I can’t survive takes you on a soulful musical journey. With tracks like Falling, Falling in love again and the dance floor filler – I can’t survive ft Butiza & Lolo it’s the album to have. With talented vocalists like: Relo, Maleh and RJ Benjamin on the lyrics,  you’ll wish you had their voice so you can sing along in the shower, frankly they definitely did justice once again.

I think this compilation is the kind that I’ll find myself listening to, 3 years down the line. From track one to the last track – It’s as if DJ Kent is telling you a love story, there’s no skipping tracks, just press play and let the music take you to a place you’ve never been before.  Ke Kosha fela!  

“Talking about his DJing ability, he said DJing is an art form and he always try to make creative sense of his mixes; almost as if he’s creating a musical journey for people to embark on. My mix should touch me firstly, so that when someone else listens to it I can be sure they’ll be drawn to it, even those who don’t particularly like house music.” – facebook group, DJ KENT IS RELOADED.

Sleeve/Art: 2/5 – Sound/Technical: 5/5 – amnotadj rating: 4/5


1. In her eyes – Kent ft Justin
2. I miss you – Kent ft Jodi Gold
3. Falling – Kent ft Maleh
4. Love is just a dream – Kent ft Kyla
5. Fall in love again Kent ft Relo
6. I can’t survive – Kent
7. Swi ala kwi – Kent / Khensy
8. I love you – Kent ft Justin
9. Our time – Kent ft Jodi Gold
10. Dream – Kent
11. Slowly – Kent ft RJ Benjamin
12. Vuma – Euphonik ft Lolo/ Butiza
13. Show me the way – Crazy white boy
14. Keep on moving – Relo
15. Gift of life – Relo

To listen check out

am-not-a-dj but this is my two cents worth – share yours.


  1. fistos says:

    this album is just hotness at its best.i love it

  2. 3yjunior says:

    Reblogged this on 3yjunior's Blog and commented:
    Go Out And Buy this Album_ Old as It Might Be, DJ Kent is easily the Best Commercial House DJ in this country (at his Age)

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