Black Coffee vs Dj Kent

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Battle of the DJs
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Some say one can’t compare the two, some say it’s like having to choose between one’s left or right breast ,and some say it’s obvious. Well… amnotadj says, “if house music was a nation, Black Coffee would be president”    

Black Coffee

  • SAMA award winner
  • He gave us:  Turn me on, Lo mhlaba, Mama, Garden of Eden, Superman, Juju, Wathule Nje Shake your bum, Crazy the list goes on and on and on, and these are just a few of my personal favourites
  • He’s worked with legends like the late Mama Busi Mhlongo, Bra Hugh Masikela, and Bra Ringo Madlingozi. As well as the new vocal talent: Bucie, Thiwe and Zakes
  • He’s always jetting off to play somewhere outside the country

 Dj Kent

  • SAMA award winner
  • He gave us: Happiness, Uwrongo, Masingita, The gift of life (Relo), Keep on moving, Falling in love again, I miss you, Falling Vuma ft Euphonic and who can ever forget his Ultimate Mix on 5 FM, these are just a few of his works that I can recall from the top of my mind  
  • He’s worked with Relo, Lolo, Danny K, RJ Benjamin, Butiza, Jodi Gold, Kyla and Khens and so forth
  • He has also blessed the international crowds with the taste of our countries’ dance music but I don’t think as much as Mr. Superman

 They’re both talented artist in their own right – they define SA dance music, they live, breath and eat music. SA’s artist can learn a lot from these two. I respect the hard work, dedication and the passion they have for their art form – South Africa is amongst the top in the world when it comes to dance music and they’ve certainly played their part.   

Amnotadj but this is my two cents worth. Dig it, hate it, I’ll like to know your thoughts.

  1. karabo says:

    i choose both of them, O’sandlana and Dj kent are both rockstars

  2. I totally agree that SA’s artists, Djs and Music Producers can learn a lot from these two.

  3. Mr Vee says:

    @SGZ thanks for taking your time to go through this blog. there’s more to come. watch the space & spread the word.

  4. Nyikiwa says:

    Dj kent is the best, although Blackcoffee is aworld record holder he knows who is the best dj. The tsonga man rock

  5. Mr Vee says:

    @nyikiwa mybe he is. we’ll see @ the metro fm who come’s first between the two.

  6. mel says:

    i respect both of them they produces good music and they are the best djs in sa

  7. Lucky aka slago says:

    well mr vee, dose 2 definatly cme on top al at js goez 2 show dat ey both r de best

  8. boiphonik says:

    ur muic rock keep it up

  9. nico says:

    i agree with all of your’ll but theres got to be one winner,best dj,house leader,,and thats my inspiration DJ KENT yababa shame

  10. nico says:

    dj kent is king of house,and blackcoffee falls under him..ohh hail mighty dj kent

  11. KIRITLE says:

    lol thes no such man kent i like him but no with the lagend COFFEE e NTSHO aowa 4get kent cOFFEE is the KING can u du mix kent ?

  12. Eric says:

    I think dj kent is best.

  13. Frans Moja says:

    this is a trick question just to trick our mind… we enjoy them all!!!

  14. edwish007k says:

    Dj kent rocks

  15. well dj kent,is the best coffe comes after!

  16. Andani says:

    coffee is best live concert of house 2011 wooooow

  17. bryn@nhlaka says:

    black coffee is da hottest

  18. coax says:

    I like kent he is good @ his and same as black coffee

    • Dj snow-T says:

      Dj kent is the best of them all not even a chance black coffee can not compete with kent black coffee is too weak mixing producing

  19. Every body knows that Dj kent is the king of Decks because he is more talentent than any other dj’s in RSA .Dj kent uses 4 decks on every gig that he get and if you don’t bealive this you have to watch his video. and you will proof that Dj kent is the king of any deck in the world.Dj kent play any kind of a song that can make a every one move than other deejay’s
    … The is only one thing that Black Coffee need 2 do is to say Dj kent can you please teach me how to do the way you does. Dj Kent is de King than Black Coffee

  20. Butter Field says:

    Good topic indeed,its been tranding that Kent n Coffee can never be compared but let me tell u the difference between the two,Compare how they produce not how they play…trully DjKent is the Best Mixer ever blackCoffee is the World tourra who plays standart not Super..

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