They always leave us wanting more.

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Features
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The first rule of showbusiness is the same as the first rule of selling heroin: ALWAYS LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE. It’s almost as if dance producers and DJs are making instant junkies of us. Supply dancers with an endlessly repetitive rhythm, and if you suddenly take some element of it away they’ll go cold turkey and beg you to bring it back in. Dance music has evolved until most of these tricks are fairly well understood. Indeed, many of them are so over-done as to sound pretty corny to many producers. The breakdown and the other effects which DJs use to mess with our heads are so mind-numbingly effective because they’re all about tease. Put simply, it’s about rhythms, starts and stops and dramatic changes. You could say much the same about sex, and this might explain why DJs can punch so far above their weight when it comes to pulling.
© Frank Broughton & Bill Brewster
Originally published in shortened form in Mixmag, 2002


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