Who’s the rocking guy? – Mo Flava vs Mac G

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Battle of the DJs
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When I hear Mo Flava and Mac G’s names, words such as young, black and immensely talented come to mind.  They’re living a life, most young guys want to lead – parties, wheels, own  a crib, groupies, cash and most importantly they’re on the right path to success.  Amongst other things, they’re both club & radio djs, they have an events and lifestyle brand called Rock Da Girls, they own a condom brand, and they’ve done a house compilation called Rock Da Girls Vol 1.

Being in the public eye means they have to watch what they get up to, who they do, what they say and where they go.  Does that mean their life is not as glamorous as we think it is? Being a young guy myself I know what boys get up to – girls, parties, drugs, peer pressure, egos, points to prove and so forth.  So, I’m just wondering who’s the naughtier of the two.  

Mo Flava comes across as the type of guy who’s chilled, but what he gets up to behind closed doors will blow you way.  With Mac G what you see is what you get – he didn’t get the name “Rocking Guy” by massaging the dance floors. 

I’ve got huge respect for the guys and proud of what they’ve achieved. But I’m just putting the question out there.  Who’s the rocking guy/Dj?

  1. karabo says:

    i am the most rocking guy

  2. mpho says:

    macg is de rocking guy

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