The mind of a Dj.

Posted: December 15, 2010 in DJ 101
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Djs are humans like us but I’d really love to know what goes on inside a mind of a Dj, on a normal day and the moment he walks into his gig. Does he feel intimidated by the crowd or the Dj on the decks? Is he going to play his set like it’s the end of time or is it just another gig to him? Once he takes over the decks is he going to be a different person from the guy who just walked in or will he be the ordinary guy from next-door?

I’ve had the privilege of meeting a few big names in the industry as well as hot young and upcoming Djs. From what I can gather there are a lot of egos and a select few down to earth Djs. I guess if I was making more than R5000 a gig I’d probably have a huge ego as well. But strangely enough the guys who’re making real money are passionate about the art of Djing. For them, it’s all about pleasing the crowd, giving it their best, having fun and respecting the trade.

From today onwards I’ll make it my business to analyse what goes on in the mind of a Dj. You are also welcome to do so and please share your thoughts and founding’s with


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