Keep it real!

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Features
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In house music there’s always an underground. This is at it’s most creative just after things have got horribly commercial. The mainstream picks up on something, burns it up, and declares it dead. But meanwhile, the pioneers have moved on and are free to push things further, to reclaim the moment and come up with something new.
So rail about super-commercial club culture all you like. It’s all true, every pessimistic word, but it doesn’t matter because there’s always an underground, always something fresh on the horizon.

For every cheesy commercial DJ who’s happy to play what the record pluggers send him, who charts records he doesn’t like just so he stays on the mailing list, who plays records he hates because everyone else is playing them, and who has no problem with a club giving him “guidelines” on what and what not to play, there’s another DJ who loves music, who searches out and buys records rather than just playing promotional freebies, who develops his own style, who throws his own parties, who generates his own following, who creates new music.

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