Arise and Shine

Posted: April 13, 2011 in CD reviews
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From hip-hop head to producer and house music vocalist extraordinaire, Tumelo “Geno” Ruele presents a mature sound that surpasses artists who have been in this game for some time.

On his debut house album he features an impressive production team including, Deborah Frasier, JR, Vikter Duplaix, stable mates and colleagues Zakes Bantwini, internationally renowned producer Black Coffee and Culoe De Song.

After listening to the album for months, I was a bit reluctant to write a review about it, I wasn’t sure if my review will do it justice. Nevertheless, the album has a bit of everything. If you want to dance, worship, declare your love, confess, be inspired or just have a little bit of fun, Arise and Shine will give you all of the above and more.

The albums lead single “My Confession”, shows Tumelo’s versatility ft a killer beat produced by Black Coffee, this track gives him the room he needs to showcase his impeccable songwriting skills as well as a great soulful voice. He reconnects with his hip-hop roots on Supermodel by featuring the “Make the circle bigger” hit maker – JR, who adds a different element to the album.

Honestly, if you want to confess your love to someone you admire this album will do the talking for you. With tracks like Winner, My song, I’m still waiting, Release your soul, you are bound to melt any girl’s heart. The vocal arrangement, the duet, the beats and the production as a whole will connect with you on a musical and spiritual level.

Tumelo is really planning on “rising and shining” with this offering – with the help of Black Coffee, his album will be remixed by international producers and hopefully open a new audience for his music. He’s also upping his game by introducing a live band that will improve his performances and make it a new experience for his fans. The band comprises two keyboardists, a bassist, a drummer and a DJ who will keep the crowd entertained with prerecorded sounds. Since he’s more comfortable with live music, I can’t wait to see him perform live.

  1. playpause says:

    Searching for the CD across the Internet, it seems it cannot be purchased online anywhere… Any clue ?

  2. Vusi Khoza says:

    Hey bra, I’ve been searching as well but I had no luck. If I find the info I’ll definitely let you know.

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