Not everyone is meant to don a DJ’s crown.

Posted: April 20, 2011 in DJ 101
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With the likes of DJ Black Coffee, DJ Qness, DJ Kent and other DJs making it big in the dance music industry as both producers and DJs, becoming a DJ has become the most coveted career in most townships.

With all these DJs popping from everywhere with hopes of making it big, who will live to tell their stories, manage their careers and distribute their music? A DJ needs a manager to manage his career, do the paper work, find gigs, write press releases and basically make sure that his artist has a reputable image. A DJ needs entertainment writers to review and write about his latest offering. A DJ needs publicist to deal with the media on his behalf. A DJ needs to understand the fine print when signing deals with big corporations and that’s where an entertainment lawyer comes in. If everyone wants to be a DJ, who’s going to walk in these shoes?

There are only so much DJs this industry can handle. That is why we need to explore avenues that will help us embrace and grow the industry. It’s not all glitz and glummer, sure being a DJ has its pecks – you travel, get freebies, groupies, the fame and endorsement deals. It also has a harsh side, which consists of long working hours, missing family holidays, fake friends and industry vultures waiting to benefit on your success.

So, before anyone adheres to his so called “calling”, NOTE; there’s a difference between simply DJs and musicians; the calling for this music life is not a gamble easily satisfied by winning a popularity contest, a jackpot and a feature on the Ultimix. The ultimate challenge of choosing music over food, fashion and fun, are what shapes a great DJ; an unwavering passion purged into creative genius.


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