Big ups to the rise of the female DJ, on and off the decks.

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Features
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In an industry dominated by egos, testosterone and men, women have earned the right to don the DJs crown and to shower house music lovers with their feminine touch. Like every other industry being a female in the work place is tough. You have to work harder than your male counterparts to prove that you’re not just a pretty face.

Taking a closer look at the DJing scene I think women have it very tough. They’re made to jump through hoops before they can call themselves DJs. Some male DJs want sexual favours in exchange for DJing lessons. It’s saddening that with so many years into democracy; women are still treated like inferiors and have to go through demeaning situations to achieve their dreams.

Considering the ways our African culture and customs place women on the social pedestal, I do understand why there are people who still think women belong in the kitchen. As a Zulu guy from KZN myself I grew up under the tradition that women don’t have a say in most things. The man provides for the family and makes the decision around the household while the woman takes care of the kids and the household.

Thankfully, I’m a modern man and there are DJing schools like Fuse Academy, the likes of DJ Zinhle, Lady Lea, DJ Sue, DJ C’ndo and civilized male DJs who’ve paved a way for female DJs without expecting any sexual favours in return. We have rocking female DJs popping everywhere like mushrooms.

For me, music has no gender; whether I’m dancing to a female or male DJ I care less. What matters is good music. Next time you realize that the music you’ve been dancing to, is brought to you by a Female DJ forget about the fancy nails, weave and the hotness and pay your respect by losing yourself on the dance floor.


  1. Neo Hlophe says:

    Hi I’m Neo aka DigiNeoGeo actually I’ve been reading a lot on the net about Djing academies. And so far i know a few like Fuse academy and from it I know Miss Pru once heard a set from her on Podcast-Soulful Kollective Radio show. I was impressed about fuse academy and others like Soul Candy, Retro etc…… I’ve got my own mxises done with virtual dj and got inspired with what i can do. This can be my advantage to my dreams since is what i need to do. But now I’ve been searching on the net for a better academy and with its fees. And if i find one can i start straight away without wasting time.

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