Ghubuluzing with Sound Revival

Posted: November 16, 2011 in CD reviews
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After hearing every radio station pumping it and everyone talking about it, (unless you are from Cofimvaba) I finally  got myself a copy. Without wasting anytime I had my own uninterrupted listening session.

I found the “intro” to be rather interesting and different for a house compilation. But it works. Any song with PRO’s edgy lyrical content always wows me.

Then there’s a song by Nhlanhla Nciza called Ndenzeni, the moment it fell onto my ear drums I fell in love with it. “I’d love to have my woman sing those lyrics to me”.

A track that needs no introduction, Lengoma it re-launched DJ Sbu’s deejaying career; introduced us to the most selling, sought-after, booked artist of 2011 by far – Zahara. I’m sure you all know it by now.

DJ Sbu worked with a variety of artists, from newbies to well established guys. Black Coffee, HHP, Oskido, Tira, Ntaoleng, Wanda Baloyi and more… I think they’ll slowly make you tap your feet until you find yourself lost on the dance floor.

The sound is very matured and chilled; I’d personally listen to the album when chilling. In some of the tracks DJ Sbu tries to sing. I’m not sure if Mzekezeke’s tendencies are still in him. He just needs to stick to deejaying and live the singing to the likes of Lungile. Other than that, Sound Revival is totally a collector’s item.


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