Is there a bigger picture…

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Features
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It seems like more and more brands are jumping on the “find an up-coming DJ” bandwagon. With DJs popping from all over the place it makes sense, or not?

I’ve had the privilege of working for a client that is currently running a DJ competition, and I cracked an invite to one of the Strongbow Do You Know parties at Masakeng. DJ Skills and DJ Jab Juice had to battle it out for the Megastar title.


I must say these brands are pumping a lot of money into these competitions. The prizes are awesome and expensive, the venues are slick, the set up is on point, and the whole experience for the DJ and the fan is out of this world.

My concern is this: In an industry already infested with DJs, is there a bigger picture for these campaigns and competitions. If it’s a way for brands to give back to the community, big ups to them. I just hope they have a plan in place to make sure this new breed of DJs survive the game.


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