A Happening Club With No DJ.

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Features
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While services like Boiler Room and Be-At Tv have brought global clubbing into living rooms worldwide, a new streaming service aims to do the opposite.

Clubcast is a new platform founded by live-streaming service Mixify. The idea behind the service is to broadcast HD video in realtime from a DJ anywhere around the world directly into a club’s venue. Using a two way viewing system, DJs can see their far off fans, and vice versa. This means, in effect, that fans might soon be paying to get into a club only to watch their favourite DJ from the comfort of their own bedroom.

Sound crazy? It’s already begun to attract big investments from the likes of Austrailia’s CMB Capital, Tim McGee and Richard Mergler of Ministry of Sound Australia, and Tommy Trash.

Though jocks like Coyu and Sébastien Léger might not like the idea, Mixify founder David Moricca thinks it’s Clubcast is the future of electronic music and more, saying, “Clubcast is the next frontier in live events for the music industry — for fans, artists and venues.” With Clubcast’s technology, we are not only breaking geographic barriers, but also creating a way for artists to reach new markets and for venues to maximize their offerings to party goers, while adding new streams of revenue to their businesses.”

Credit: pulseradio.net


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