This is a platform I use to profile DJs, share music and my thoughts about the music industry, especially House Music and the DJing industry.

  1. Sabelo says:

    I’m speechless, thanks for the story boy,

  2. Mr Vee says:

    Cool man, just doing it for the love.

  3. Yeah I agree, it’s all for the Love Of House Music Brother!!! Great Story!!!

    Stay Blessed!!!

  4. Nyc 1 ntanga says:

    Nyc 1 wena nja yam’ & we r stil doing it 4 da luv of house music & big up 2 da dj’s & producers of gud music & gud ryters lyk u wena mfe2 akulalwa mnandi ntanga!

  5. Lesego kwenane says:

    I really love deep house music all i want is infor about the academy and how much are the fees because im thinkin of enrolling at boston media house

  6. Zimbini mvalwan says:

    Hi there im Zee and i want to join the Fuse Academy so i would you to send me the information about the course,i want 2 attend saturday classes if are available

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